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Brief History

Our history formally began in 2020, when Bancy Education was set up. However, the first seed was planted during the 2017/2018 academic year when the now CEO of Bancy was made responsible for the internationalisation process at the Canary Institute of Psychology and Education - a higher education centre in the Canary Islands.

For three years, that International Department and prelude to Bancy Education developed the entire overseas academic programme at ICSE. Credit recognition agreements, overseas study programmes for students, representation in the Canary Islands, teacher exchanges and joint research at the highest level are just some of the work undertaken by ICSE with prestigious British universities thanks to the international development process between 2018 and 2020. This opening up to Europe and the world meant, among other things, that ICSE broke its enrolled students record three years in a row.

The value brought to the institution and its students by this universalisation process was such that the then head of this successful International Department had a vision: to extend that valuable international outlook created at ICSE to other education communities throughout Spain.

Bancy Education was set up following an amicable and agreed transition with the entity where the project first bloomed to create an international education agency aimed at supporting the internationalisation of education centres.

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What does Bancy mean?

The term is a combination of the words Bold (audacious, daring) and Fancy (sophisticated, elegant). A Bancy attitude is therefore one that combines these two characteristics: courage and virtue.

Llama encendida - Bancy Education

Why are blue and orange our colours?

By using blue, our goal was to show that Bancy is a serious, reliable and trustworthy entity. This is also the colour of the sea, something that unites every territory on Earth. This colour helps reflect our global nature, a connector of nations and cultures.

Orange is the Bancy spark. It represents the energy and enthusiasm with which our organisation was created. This colour reflects the contrasting intensity, originality and audacity of our character as opposed to the robustness, stability and experience that we also possess and that we symbolised with the blue.

What does our logo represent?

The Bancy logo seems to contain a letter “A” but, in actual fact, it is a far more complex and meaningful symbol. In order to explain it properly to you, dear reader, we need you to take a quick look at the first version that we designed:

Primer logo de Bancy Education

As you can see, this “A” symbolises a road or path; the two straight lines that define the path that must be travelled. The dot in the centre represents the protagonist, you, the courageous individual deciding to walk that path.

Isla de Lanzarote de Bancy Education

This young Bancy woman wanted to reproduce our logo in a lovely photo taken on the island of Lanzarote.

The allegory of the infinite parallel lines running into the distance and their vanishing point represents the work of Bancy Education: to reveal the path of international development, multicultural enrichment and linguistic immersion as an almost essential part of the training experience.

In the words of the Spanish poet, Antonio Machado: “Wanderer there is no road, the road is made by walking”.

Mission, vision and values


Bancy Education is an international consultancy firm and agency seeking to connect Spain with other countries in its peer group through higher education and university institutions. Bancy Education supports the internationalisation endeavours of various education centres in order to enrich their training offer and enable their students to enjoy an international experience capable of fostering personal development through academic, linguistic and multicultural immersion.


To stand as a benchmark entity in the academic world for our international outlook and for building bridges between education systems in different countries, thereby encouraging a global learning ecosystem.


The main values of Bancy Education are:

  • Innovation: we strive to be a driving force for change in the search for new ideas and procedures that can allow us to improve and offer a better service.
  • Honesty: the truth and transparency are two of the main pillars that support what we do.
  • Equality: we are driven by a desire to be fair and generous in everything we do.
  • Excellence: the search for excellence is a mainstay at Bancy Education.
  • Freedom: at Bancy Education, we believe in responsible individual freedom as a functional building block for a prosperous and mutually supportive society.
  • Sustainability: we value economic and social progress, but never in detriment to looking after biodiversity and maintaining the utmost respect for our planet.
Bancy Education - Estudiantes

Official Representative for
York St John University

UYSJ logotipo

Study abroad programs

If you are a student and are interested in studying your degree or master abroad, we can help you. Bancy Education is an official representative of York St John University, a successful and highly prestigious university located in the legendary and beautiful city of York. For more information, simply write to bancy@bancyeducation.com and we will tell you everything you need to know.

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Agreements and networking

If you represent an education centre, you’re in luck; that’s our speciality. We offer a guaranteed international development process that will help you stand out and bring great added value to your education community. If you count on us for support, your students will soon be obtaining international qualifications and enjoying linguistic, academic and cultural immersion experiences at a prestigious international university to enhance the training they receive from your institution. Furthermore, your faculty and non-teaching staff will benefit from the mutual enrichment gained from working with colleagues in other countries, specifically England, a global benchmark for its outstanding education system. Write to us at bancy@bancyeducation.com and we will tell you more.

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Bancy Education - Gestión de formación

Training management

We do design, manage and implement courses or training programs of every kind. If you are an entity or association and you want our services and experience in this area, just text us: bancy@bancyeducation.com.


Here are some testimonials from a few of the people who have worked with us. Thanks, guys!
Isa Roses

“Hi! My name is Isabel and I am a former student of ICSE. Thanks to this centre, and Joaquín in particular, I had the opportunity to study at York St John University in York, England, to continue my studies there. I have now finished my degree and have the memories of an unforgettable experience that would not have been possible without the efforts and dedication of Joaquín, Head of the International Department at the time and now CEO of Bancy Education. Joaquín provided indispensable assistance to us from day one. He was willing to listen and help us with anything we needed. The enrolment process and paperwork were very easy; I just had to do what they told me step by step and I had absolutely no problems whatsoever with anything. At no time was I made to feel abandoned or alone at times of uncertainty. Quite the opposite, they were always looking out for us and even visited us to make sure everything was going OK. Joaquín always conveyed professionalism and assurance through an informal and confident approach. I would definitely use him and Bancy Education again. I simply cannot express how grateful I am to them”.

Isa Roses Former student of ICSE and York St John University.
Héctor Domínguez

“I think that being from the Canary Islands can sometimes limit our opportunities because of the distances involved. However, as a student who was able to travel abroad, all I can say is that they love us and look forward to welcoming us overseas; there we will find our happiness, energy and vitality. I am grateful to people like Joaquín who continue to expand the borders between countries, who helped me whenever I needed help so I could enjoy the overseas study experience with total peace of mind. Because of that, I was able to go out and find the job of my dreams - parkour teacher - and now I have the chance to return to the islands and give back what was given to me”.

Héctor Domínguez Former student of ICSE and York St John University.
Karina Ramírez

“I was fortunate enough to be able to study in England, in York to be precise: a small but very charming university city. I studied my degree at York Saint John University and am currently studying a master’s degree at the same university. This experience has given me confidence in myself and my abilities. The British education system has many positive things to offer, including the tools to be self-sufficient and responsible for your own learning. I am also improving my English, which is an added bonus for my education. I very much recommend the experience and it is undoubtedly a fundamental reason why I am who I am today. It was all made possible by the hard work of Joaquín and his team”.

Karina Ramírez Former student of ICSE and York St John University.
Grant Saker

“I have worked with Joaquín for three years and have always found him a pleasure to work with. He is a passionate and engaging character who is student led - he really does have his students best interests at heart. I have always found Joaquín to be professional and organised. He works hard to implement new projects and has a clear focus on what he wants to achieve. He is able to motivate and mobilise others, in order to achieve success. Joaquín is a hardworking leader of people who makes things happen!”

Grant Saker Head of Student Recruitment & Widening Participation of York St John University
Laura Pelegrí

“Joaquín was my mentor and chief in the international department during two years, period of time from which I only have beautiful memories and in which I learned a lot thanks to him. Joaquín is one of those people who is passionate about his job; he radiates energy and his enthusiasm is contagious. From his many qualities I would highlight his capacity to identify opportunities and to create projects, which are traits that make him a great entrepreneur.Now with Bancy Education his objective is clear: To make studying abroad something achievable and possible for everyone”.

Laura Pelegrí Former ICSE’s International Department Member and Languages Coordinator
Brett Wilkie

“I have worked closely with Joaquín developing numerous exciting and innovative projects over recent years. Joaquín is a very highly regarded colleague and has made hugely significant contributions to the internationalisation of academic programmes offered at my University. His passion, enthusiasm, and innovation have allowed many creative partnerships to be developed allowing Spanish students to have immersive international education experiences at home and abroad. He is focussed on providing a high-quality service, having done due diligence on the international institutions he works with. This means he really ‘knows’ the University, the city and the people involved with the organisation. He has an intelligent, sensitive approach to his work and understands the commitment required to study internationally. The greatest compliment I can give Joaquín is that he is exactly the type of professional I would want my son or daughter to talk to when considering studying internationally. I would be confident in the advice and guidance offered, knowing he places the student’s needs at the centre of any conversation. Overall, Joaquín is an excellent educational professional who has a wealth of applied international experience. I foresee him being able to offer many valuable insights and contributions to anyone wishing to explore the potential of studying abroad”.

Brett Wilkie International Study Coordinator and Senior Lecturer in Physical Education at York St John University

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