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Brief History

Our history formally began in 2020, when Bancy Education was set up. However, the first seed was planted during the 2017/2018 academic year when the now CEO of Bancy was made responsible for the internationalisation process at the Canary Institute of Psychology and Education - a higher education centre in the Canary Islands.

For three years, that International Department and prelude to Bancy Education developed the entire overseas academic programme at ICSE. Credit recognition agreements, overseas study programmes for students, representation in the Canary Islands, teacher exchanges and joint research at the highest level are just some of the work undertaken by ICSE with prestigious British universities thanks to the international development process between 2018 and 2020. This opening up to Europe and the world meant, among other things, that ICSE broke its enrolled students record three years in a row.

The value brought to the institution and its students by this universalisation process was such that the then head of this successful International Department had a vision: to extend that valuable international outlook created at ICSE to other education communities throughout Spain.

Bancy Education was set up following an amicable and agreed transition with the entity where the project first bloomed to create an international education agency aimed at supporting the internationalisation of education centres.

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What does Bancy mean?


The term is a combination of the words Bold (audacious, daring) and Fancy (sophisticated, elegant). A Bancy attitude is therefore one that combines these two characteristics: courage and virtue.

Why are blue and orange our colours?

By using blue, our goal was to show that Bancy is a serious, reliable and trustworthy entity. This is also the colour of the sea, something that unites every territory on Earth. This colour helps reflect our global nature, a connector of nations and cultures.

Orange is the Bancy spark. It represents the energy and enthusiasm with which our organisation was created. This colour reflects the contrasting intensity, originality and audacity of our character as opposed to the robustness, stability and experience that we also possess and that we symbolised with the blue.

What does our logo represent?

The Bancy logo seems to contain a letter “A” but, in actual fact, it is a far more complex and meaningful symbol. In order to explain it properly to you, dear reader, we need you to take a quick look at the first version that we designed:

As you can see, this “A” symbolises a road or path; the two straight lines that define the path that must be travelled. The dot in the centre represents the protagonist, you, the courageous individual deciding to walk that path.

This young Bancy woman wanted to reproduce our logo in a lovely photo taken on the island of Lanzarote.

The allegory of the infinite parallel lines running into the distance and their vanishing point represents the work of Bancy Education: to reveal the path of international development, multicultural enrichment and linguistic immersion as an almost essential part of the training experience.

In the words of the Spanish poet, Antonio Machado: “Wanderer there is no road, the road is made by walking”.

Mission, vision and values