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Frequently Asked Questions

Universities offer a wide range of Bachelor’s, Postgraduate and Master’s degrees.

There is no extra charge to students for our service. All payments related to the programmes are made directly to the Universities, we assist you in the process.

Universities usually require a bachelor’s or Higher Education Diploma and a certificate of English language proficiency (B1/B2 minimum). Other requirements may vary according to the study centre.

Bancy Education will help you find the right institution and programme for you, offering advice and personal attention to help you make the process a success.

The internationalisation of studies will allow you to differentiate yourself and bring great value to your educational community. Students will be able to complement the training they receive in your institution and obtain international qualifications, as well as live experiences of linguistic, academic and cultural immersion in prestigious universities.

At Bancy Education we can advise you on how to obtain financing that is convenient and tailored to your needs. There are also some centres that offer scholarships and discounts to their students.