Bancy Education is a consultancy and study abroad agency based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Our aim is to provide Spanish students with the opportunity to study abroad, offering them advice throughout the whole process.

Our strategic partnerships in York, Dublin and Paris allow us to offer quality training opportunities. We are also official representatives in Spain of York St John University, one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. 


Connecting students from Spain with other surrounding countries through higher education institutions and prestigious universities. Bancy Education contributes to the internationalisation of different study centres in order to enrich their educational offer and provide their students with an international experience.


To be an entity of reference in the academic context for its international projection and for building bridges between educational systems in different countries, thus favouring a global learning ecosystem.

Bancy Team

Joaquín M. Marchena

Founder and CEO of the company.

Silvia Rodríguez

Project management and international development.

Susana Nuez

Head of Communication and Marketing.

Our Values


Search for new ideas and procedures that allow us to improve and offer a better service.


Truth and transparency are two of our most important pillars.


We are driven by the conscience to be fair and generous in each of our actions.


The pursuit of excellence and quality is a constant in our company.


We believe in responsible individual freedom as a functional unit of a prosperous and caring society.


We value economic and social progress while caring for biodiversity and the planet.

Information of interest

Get to know everything behind the company

Our history begins to be formally written in 2020, the year of Bancy Education’s founding. The seed, however, was planted several years earlier when the current CEO of Bancy, Joaquín Martín Marchena, took over the leadership of the internationalisation process of ICSE, a higher education centre in the Canary Islands.

The value provided by this institution was such that Joaquín had a vision: to extend the valuable international ecosystem generated to other educational communities throughout Spain.

And so, with ICSE as its first client, Bancy Education was born: an educational consultancy whose main objective is to contribute to the internationalisation of study centres. At present, Bancy has already managed to export its successful model, working with six Spanish higher education institutions and with renowned European universities to which it sends dozens of Spanish students every year.

Bænsi. It is the emerging combination of the term Bold and the English word Fancy. A Bancy attitude is therefore one that combines the two characteristics mentioned above: courage and virtue.

The blue colour reflects the fact that Bancy is a serious, solvent and trustworthy entity. This is also the colour of the sea, the element that unites all the territories of the planet. This tone contributes to our global and connecting nature of nations and cultures. Orange is Bancy’s spark. It reveals the energy and enthusiasm with which our entity emerges. This colour represents the counterpoint of intensity, freshness and cheekiness that characterise us as opposed to the solidity, stability and experience that we also treasure and that we symbolise with blue.

The Bancy logo looks like a letter “A” but in reality it is not a letter “A” but a more complex and meaningful symbol. To explain it properly we first need you to take a look at the first version we designed.

This “A” symbolises a path, the projections of two straight lines that constitute the route to be travelled. The dot in the centre represents the protagonist, you, who are brave and decide to walk it.