5 reasons to study in Ireland

Irlanda se ha convertido en uno de los destinos preferidos entre estudiantes internacionales. Especially in Spain because of the opportunities it offers, its proximity and the friendliness of the Irish. In this post discover the main reasons why studying in Ireland is a great opportunity for a Spanish student:

  1. Language: The official language of Ireland is English, so studying in Ireland will promote language proficiency, which is a must-have skill in the global job market.
  2. Cost: The cost of living in Ireland is quite similar or even lower than in other parts of Europe. In addition, tuition at DBS costs only €5990 per year.
  3. Quality of education: Ireland has an excellent reputation for the quality of its higher education. Irish institutions regularly feature in lists of the world’s best universities and colleges.
  4. International experience: Studying in Ireland can also provide valuable experience and exposure to different cultures and ways of thinking. In addition, Ireland is a safe and welcoming place for international students, with a large student community from all over the world.
  5. Job opportunities: Ireland is home to many global companies and is a centre of innovation and entrepreneurship. This means that there are many employment opportunities for students looking to work after graduation.

In summary, studying in Ireland can be an excellent opportunity for a Spanish student due to the quality of education, the international experience, the job opportunities and the affordable cost of living.

Bancy Education partners with Dublin Business School

The agreement will allow Spanish students to access university degrees at Dublin Business School (DBS). Bancy will advise and recommend this Irish business school as part of its portfolio of trusted educational partners.

The DBS is a private higher education institution located in Dublin, Ireland. The school offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in areas such as business, law, accounting, finance, marketing, psychology, information technology and media.

Dublin Business School has a strong reputation in Ireland and abroad for its high quality programmes, experienced teachers and its focus on practical teaching and skills development. Read more information about studying in Dublin in this link.