New agreement with the Pax Institute.

Both entities have signed an agreement through which PAX Institute students will be able to continue their studies abroad.

A beneficial agreement. Bancy Education and PAX Institute have signed a partnership agreement that will make them a key partner in helping students further their education. Through this agreement, the students of the PAX Institute will have the possibility to go abroad to complete their studies, a very important aspect to further improve the training they receive. 

In this sense, Bancy Education, as an educational consultancy, continues to be a high quality link so that the different centres with which they have agreements can provide a plus to all their students.

The PAX Institute is a vocational training centre, both pre-university and technical-vocational, located in the city of Valencia. With the idea of broadening its sights and goals, the Valencian centre will be supported by Bancy Education with the aim of enabling its students to open up their professional spectrum for their respective careers once they finish their training by going abroad. This agreement with Bancy is undoubtedly very important for PAX.

More details about this new partnership will be unveiled soon.