Advantages of studying in the UK

Exterios de la universidad York St John University

Joaquín Martín Marchena: "Studying in the UK allows you to
obtain a prestigious title"

The CEO of Bancy Education points out the importance of the new agreement with York St John University due to the enormous leap in quality of education that is obtained by studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. He also says that the aim is to help more people to find the best for their professional future.

Bancy Education continues to open educational borders with the UK. The Canary Islands company has taken a further step in strengthening its ability to facilitate the arrival of students to the UK, with the renewal of an agreement with York St John University until 2024, which will be key to finding that extra in the training sought by all those centres that wish to help their students to improve their academic record. In this sense, Joaquín Martín Marchena, CEO of Bancy Education, explains what the renovation entails.

A renewal as a vote of confidence

“This renewal is certainly a very important vote of confidence for us. It is an honour to represent one of the top 10 universities in the UK in terms of teaching quality. They have one of the best educations in the world and that’s what we offer to students: To be able to access the best for their professional careers”.

Bancy, York St John’s representative in Spain

“For us it is very valuable to have a partner of this level, which gives us the possibility to help many people with their studies. Bancy thus confirms its position as the only representative of York St John University in Spain. Moreover, we not only want to send students to study there, but we also have several joint projects in the pipeline”.

Hard work in spite of the pandemic and a high quality of training

“Over the last 3 years we have sent 56 students to York St John University. It is worth noting that it has all been in the midst of a pandemic, which is all the more remarkable. Most of these students have gone to York Business School, where they study marketing, business, tourism and finance, as well as the Faculty of Science and Sport. Studying in the UK allows you to gain a prestigious degree, have an international experience, learn English…. It is very valuable for students to distinguish themselves professionally by studying on British soil”.

A high-level experience with job opportunities

“The feedback we get from the students is good. They have an incredible experience and, once they leave, they do very well. They go on to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Those who enter the degree programme do so in the third year of their degree and, as university studies in the UK are 3 years long, they complete their degree in one year. We have seen how many students who did masters at York have found jobs in the US because opportunities have opened up for them.

We have many success stories of students who chose to go to York St John University through Bancy. It is not available to everyone, but thanks to these agreements we are bringing it closer to more people”.

Confidence and security when taking the step

“What we offer is the guarantee of having people in Spain who advise, inform and help students to get to the UK. That means peace of mind for students and, above all, for their families”.

In search of consolidation

“Bancy aims to consolidate by creating strong links between the Canary Islands and the rest of Spain with York St John University. We want to grow in number of students and areas of influence. Now we have links with the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Madrid, but next year we will be all over Spain so that many students will come to York through Bancy. All those schools that wish to participate in our projects are welcome to do so, as they will be able to offer their students an extra training that is not easy to achieve”.