Getting to know our clients: Queen Elizabeth International Training Centre

The Centro de Formación Internacional Reina Isabel is a leading centre of higher education based in Granada, Andalusia. Although it was founded in 2014, it is a young institution, its good work and professional dynamism have led it to become a key player in the higher education sector in this Andalusian province and other nearby […]

Getting to know our clients: ICSE, a Golden Institution

ICSE was Bancy Education’s first client. This Canarian study centre, which has been involved in international development for many years, quickly engaged the services of our educational consultancy. Bancy was founded on 8 October 2020 and a few days later was already signing its first service provision agreement with this institution. Two years after that […]

Official Representative Gold of York St John University

Official representative of York St John University Since its foundation in October 2020, Bancy Education has been the Official Representative in Spain of the prestigious York St John University. After two years of very positive professional relationship between both entities, this English university has recognised Bancy Education, extending its area of influence to the rest […]

New agreement with the PAX Institute

New agreement with the Pax Institute. Both entities have signed an agreement through which PAX Institute students will be able to continue their studies abroad. A beneficial agreement. Bancy Education and PAX Institute have signed a partnership agreement that will make them a key partner in helping students further their education. Through this agreement, the […]